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Purchasing Topsoil

Topsoil. It’s arguably the most precious stuff on earth, sustaining all land-dwelling animals, including humans. It takes nature 500 years to make an inch of it.

Over the past 20 years, homeowners and businesses seeking to establish or improve their landscapes, lawns and gardens have dramatically increased the demand for topsoil. In addition, more homes are being built on steep, barren or rocky sites once considered unbuildable, where the only option for a lawn or garden is to import topsoil. Read More..


Establishing a New Lawn

If sod is an option, click here..

To successfully establish a new lawn, the first decision is whether you’re going to sod, seed or sprig. This usually depends on economics and timing. Seed is initially less expensive than sod. However, successful establishment is more risky with seed than with sod, and if reseeding is necessary, the overall expense may be less with sod. Sodding practically eliminates erosion problems on steep hills or banks and also reduces the chance of pesticide and nutrient contamination from surface runoff.
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